Introducing … the 60 Day Changeover Challenge


The sun slipped behind the horizon at 5:30 Sunday night, the first evening of Pacific Standard Time. It’s undeniably, incontrovertibly autumn. It’s a lovely time of year. Here in the Bay Area the days are still on the warm side and the night temperatures have dipped to the low 50s. As a native Midwesterner, I won’t complain.

Temperate climate aside, the diminished daylight sends a clear message: Summer is finito. Over and out. As an impassioned tennis player it can be challenging to come to grips with the waning light, but as an otherwise sentient being I get it: it’s time for the human equivalent of hibernation.

No, I’m not suggesting we all crawl under the covers and wait for spring. Your hibernation can be less sluggish and more productive than that of our ursine friends. It’s a good time to slow down, take stock, and focus on what you want to accomplish these last weeks of 2015 and into the New Year.

As we all know, November and December are not business as usual. The holiday hullabaloo ups the ante: There’s the obligatory shopping for gifts, caloric minefields, and increased social obligations, I mean, parties.

I’ll cop to the fact that I’ve got a little bit of bad attitude, because here’s what I’ve seen – and experienced: These seasonal changes can make it difficult to stay on track with our goals.

Want to enter 2016 energized and with real momentum? Then I challenge you to join my 60-Day Changeover Challenge.

In our 60 days together, I will help you…

• Get crystal clear about what you want in 2016
• Create a vision for the year to help you achieve results
• Define values-based goals to support making your vision a reality
• Map out a clear action plan to get you where you want to go
• Identify any roadblocks getting in your way
• Define what internal resources you have to leverage
• Articulate your purpose for the year to help you stay on course
• Start taking actionable steps to get the most out of 2016

The 60-Day Changeover Challenge includes 8 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions and a 60-Day Changeover Challenge workbook.

If you have a tendency to fall into the holiday “excuse time” trap, I would encourage you to sign up for a complimentary Holiday Doldrums Breakthrough Session. In this session we will explore where you are, where you want to be, and some strategies that you could use to bridge that gap over the next 60 days. I know you will walk away with great value.

After 30 minutes together, if it feels like it might be a good fit to work together to bridge that gap, we will spend a few extra minutes exploring those options. No matter what, you will gain some deep insights as well as ideas that will help you achieve your goals and maximize the next 60 days.

I hope we get the opportunity to connect in this deeper way.


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