Rejecting Resolutions, Embracing Evolution

We routinely fall short of reaching our resolutions. They can be excitingly aspirational, but they can also feel like pie in the sky. That’s why I suggest you reject the notion of a resolution and take a more nuanced, evolutionary approach to achieving what you want.

Why Wait?

Today, September 6, is World Fight Procrastination Day. I can think of no better day to announce my upcoming workshop, “Get the Better of Your Procrastination,” which I’m offering Saturday, afternoon, Oct. 8 and Tuesday evening, Oct. 11. Procrastination, according to, is “the act of postponing or delaying something.” As an English literature major, […]

Your 60-Day Changeover Challenge: What the Body Knows

These past two weeks my body has been telling me to slow down and look inward – and I’m listening! More often than not, I’m going to sleep by 10:30 p.m. (which is not my default). I’m taking the time to cook food rather than resort to warm weather’s default salads. And I’ve started journaling […]