Head Games

Have you been in a pressure-filled situation where you initially felt confident and then negative thoughts took hold? The outcome can be potentially devastating.

Case in point: Serena Williams was fighting her biggest rival in the Miami Open semifinals last week and it wasn’t Simona Halep, her feisty Romanian opponent. You know where this is going, right?

Serena was battling herself. After winning the first set comfortably at 6-2, Serena got tight in the second set. Her usually dependable, get-out-of-jail serve went AWOL. She was hitting her groundstrokes like the most erratic of rec players. Her frustration, understandably, was palpable.

How could someone who has hit hundreds of thousands of tennis balls in her life almost completely lose her game? The WTA’s best player had fallen prey to a saboteur, a voice in her head that nearly led her to defeat. Serena being Serena, she found a way to fight her way out of the situation and turn around the match.

Have self-doubting, second-guessing, undermining voices ever hijacked your literal – or metaphorical – game? Maybe you were giving a presentation, competing at a sport, or interviewing for a job when you tightened up? Getting to know – and learning how to navigate – those inner voices can change your life. That’s a big claim and it’s true.

Ready to try things an easier way? Contact me to schedule a chemistry session at wendy@changeovercoaching.com.


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